Assorted personal pieces and projects dating from the late 90s to today

Sketches inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's horror stories. Done around 2010

These are a series of sample research and development images I created back around 2003-2004 based on the idea of retelling the classic H.G. Well's story The War of The Worlds through images, scrapbook entrees, notes etc.  I experimented with creating 3d Models and incorporat8ng them into authentic period images, as well as explored techniques useful to seamlessly blend the modern CG and hundred year old source materials.  Agent Robert Gould and I has a tentative deal with an up an coming director to develop the project further, but as his fortunes waxed and waned, interest and time in the project leveled off.  Eventually, other more pressing work projects too precedence,.  It would be fun to go back someday and revisit the project.  The 3D modeling tools have advanced so much since 2003, it would allow for amazing visuals way beyond anything I could have achieved back then.

 2001 personal project focused on re-envisioning the classic 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Many of the sketches focus on Klatuu's landing ship and his deadly law enforcement robot Gort.  The goal was to create a whole new tech look for Klatuu's race, and I pictured the aliens as distinctly non-humanoid in native form.  If I were to go back and revisit this project today,  I would perhaps integrate the sleeker aesthetic of the 1950s more,  but at the time I was trying to go in an entirely new direction.

An assortment of miscellaneous marker sketches and sketchbook pages done around 2000-2001