• Freelance Concept Artist                                                                 clients include:

    - ArenaNet

    - inXile Entertainment

- SplashDamage LTD

Available for interesting projects. contact:

  • Senior Concept Artist at Turtle Rock Studios

  • Freelance Concept Artist                                                                  clients include:

- Electronic Arts
- Midway Studios
- Gas Powered Games / Microsoft (Supreme Commander franchise + others)
- Splash Damage LTD/ Activision
- Crytek / Electronic Arts
- Obsidian Entertainment / Lucasarts
- Ion Storm/ Eidos
- Junction Point Studios / Disney Interactive
- Endrant Studios/ Activision
- Valkyrie Entertainment
- Production Road/Digital Artists Management

  • Concept Artist at JAK Films (Skywalker Ranch)

 - Star Wars Episode III

  • Concept Artist at ElectronicArts/Westwood Studios

- senior concept artist working on Red Alert and Command and Conquer franchises

  • Freelance Multimedia Designer for BMW Special Projects Group

- Helped a small cross-disciplinary team to create and present ideas on the next generation automobile purchasing experience.







    Art Center College of Design

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Industrial Design

    Recipient, Honda Endowed Scholarship



    Conceptual design and illustration of tech, environments, and creatures. 

    Proficient in Photoshop, Painter, 3DS Max, and Zbrush for concept purposes.